Tuesday Nights at the Cafe Premieres Next Week!

The time has finally come. After a cold fall and winter, the Tuesday Night season is ready to begin again. The first show is headlined by the always impressive Burmah Flores. For those not familiar with the Burmah brothers, go here for some sample songs and info. Their music is best described exactly as how they are categorized on myspace: equal parts Indie, Soul, and Hyphy. The rest of the show's acts are rounded out by Apryle Dalmacio, Ryan Tong & June Kaesith, Sue Jin and Kristina Wong. Traci will make some sort of surprise appearance from thousands of miles away, and Johneric Concordia and DJ op+imis+ will resume the hosting and music duties respectively. And if you have some talent that you would like to share, sign up for the Open Mic.

Don't forget that the first few shows will at Lost Souls Cafe, NOT at the usual East West Players courtyard.

March 18, 2008
124 w. 4th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 617 7006

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