The Tuesday Night Cafe & The Connector Project - an effort to GROW.

It's TIME! You've seen the kind of energy we've built we are ready for MORE.

Hey everyone - We are fast approaching our 10th year of Tuesday Night programming! Thanks to the community we've all built, we realize how much we've powerful, exciting, and important it is to create time and space with each other on a regular, sustained basis...

- creating time & space for artistic expression in L.A. and API communities, for cultural/social/political awareness, with opportunities for involvement & action, and for collaboration and real relationship-building.

***and YOU can make an even larger contribution

for the Tuesday Night Cafe Project -> Make a tax-deductible donation now!

We now have the energy and the people-power to build more programming and connect with more people in Los Angeles and way beyond - youth, other artists, and communities of consciousness everywhere, literally.

BUT we need the funds to do it. Everyone is 9 years older than when we started this, and we understand this can not be a volunteer effort for us forever.

With GROWTH, what will we DO? ->
-> Keep hosting great and greater 1st & 3rd Tuesday Night Cafe shows in Downtown LA and Little Tokyo. - keeping the Family-vibe while always trying to improve what we bring in.

-> Build a new website to support the growth of our
1) 1st & 3rd shows; 2) Tuesday Night-TV segments; 3) KAT-Radio podcasting; 4) ongoing and new Partnerships; 5) Feature Artist video and audio documentation efforts; 6) Fundraising efforts; and much more...!
(launch in Spring 2008)

-> Connect youth and artists with each other through our Youth-Connect Workshop and survey & document process to assess, build awareness, and do our part to connect youth-driven and youth-focused efforts throughout the city.
(launch in Fall 2008)

-> Build a variety of programs with our newest programming site and partner, The Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena.

-> Build Our Capacity!! - Take our organization to the next level, from an all-volunteer effort to a sustainable organization with an actual infrastructure(!) and some paid-staff (!!!).

***and YOU can make a huge difference -> Make a tax-deductible donation now

Out of over 4,600 grants, The Connector Project proposal made it to the Top 100.
We won't know until February 2008 if we will make the Top 20 to receive $10,000, but we do have a Widget from the Case Foundation to manage some donations on our own!!
You can read all kinds of proposal details and see photos and videos.

Check it out and Please DONATE NOW!

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